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Top 20 Questions for Phone Interviews and Their Best Answers with Unified Career

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Are you ready for a telephone interview? What questions will you be asked by the interviewer? Interviews with hiring managers may include a phone screen interview.


Interviews for remote or freelance positions or jobs that require a more detailed interview may be required. These cases may call for a phone interview.


Interviews conducted by phone are the same as in-person interviews. These interviews are used by recruiters and hiring managers to screen candidates for employment.


Telephone Interviews: What are they?


Your candidacy for a job can be decided by phone interviews. Although they can save employers time and money, phone interviews are not personal.


Sometimes, you won't even have to talk with a hiring manager. In other cases, a human resource staffer or administrative assistant might simply ask you a list of questions and then record your answers so that they can later review them.


These interviews present unique challenges. One, it is most likely that a phone interview will be your first contact with an employer representative. Additionally, you won't have the ability to rely on body language to build rapport. A phone interview is not like emailing back-and-forth. You cannot re-read or re-formulate what you have written.


Common Questions for Phone Interviews and the Best Answers


It is best to be prepared for any questions that the hiring manager may ask during a telephone interview. You can review some common questions and answers here to get a good idea of what you should expect.


Interview Questions about You


These questions are used to evaluate your self-knowledge as well as to see if you can fit in with the workplace culture. Interviewers want to find out if you are the right person for this job and for the company.



What do you want in a job?


Which is your greatest weakness?


Which is your greatest strength?


How can you manage stress and pressure?


What motivates and inspires you?


Please tell me about yourself.


Questions about your career goals.


Which type of work environment would you prefer?


How do you measure success?


Questions about your abilities in job interviews.


Questions about your background


It is important that you can describe your education and work experience persuasively. Match your qualifications with the job description to show the hiring manager why they are the right fit for you.




Which were your responsibilities?


What were the biggest challenges and problems you faced? What were your solutions?


Why do you want to quit your job?


What salary expectations do you have?


Questions about the new job and the company


In a phone interview, it is important to demonstrate that you have done your research on the company's history, culture, mission statement, and culture. This will help you stand out from the rest. If you are hired, explain how your experience would benefit the company and what you have learned about the organization.



What are you passionate about?


Which experience do you have?


What can you do to help this company?


What do you know about this company's operations?


What are your expectations from a job?


What can you do to help this company?


Tips for answering questions during phone interviews


These are some additional tips that can help you rock your phone interview.


Observe the phone interview etiquette "Dos and Don'ts". When it comes down to getting hired, phone interview etiquette can be just as important as an in-person job interview etiquette. Because, no matter what medium of communication you use, a successful interview will help you get to the next stage in the hiring process.


Do a mock interview. Ask family and friends to help you conduct a mock interview. Record it so you can listen over the phone.


Preparing your environment. You will feel more prepared for the interview if you have a calm, comfortable place.


Be prepared for difficult interview questions. If the interviewer chooses to skip the difficult questions, it will be a good idea to prepare for them. Even if the interviewer keeps things simple on the phone screen you will be glad you prepared for the more difficult questions that might arise during a face to face job interview.


How to make the best impression


You never get another chance to make a good first impression. You can't rely solely on your body language for phone interviews (unless you are actually conducting a video interview; more information can be found here).


Practice answering common questions before you interview.


Questions to Ask Your Interviewer


It's important to review the most common phone interview questions you will be asked. You should also have a list prepared of questions to ask the interviewer. The interviewer may ask you, after the conversation is over, "Is there anything you haven't said to you about the job/company that you'd like to know?"


Asking questions that are relevant and well-informed during the interview can help you to confirm your willingness to pursue the opportunity.


Candidates who are serious about the job want to learn more about the culture and how they will fit in with the corporate culture. They also want to find out where their career might take them if they do get the job.

Top 20 Questions for Phone Interviews and Their Best Answers with Unified Career
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