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Perfect Template to Write a Thank You Email After a Job Interview with Samples - Unified Career

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You have just left a job interview. You answered all interview questions well and struck up a rapport with the hiring manager. You did it perfectly!

You're not done. Most hiring managers are very attentive to the speed and quality of your thank-you email after a job interview.


Our advice: Write a thank you note for interview that will help you start your follow-up immediately.


It's super simple with our template


Thank You Email Template

Hi, [Interviewer Name],


I am grateful that you met with me today. It was a pleasure to meet with you and learn about your position. I am very excited to be able to help [Company Name] bring in new clients/develop world class content/or do anything else amazing that you might be doing with your team.


I look forward hearing from you regarding the next steps in the hiring process. Please don't hesitate to contact me for additional information.


All my best wishes

[Your Name]


Sample thank you emails

What does the template look like in real life? These are some examples of thank-you notes that you can use when creating your perfect letter.


Example #1

This template is short and easy, and it's perfect for those who need a quick follow-up after the second or third round interviews.

Hi Jimmy!


I am so grateful that you had the opportunity to speak with me today. It was a pleasure to get to know more about the role of marketing manager. I am very excited to be able to join News Crew to help you bring new readers to your incredible content.


I am looking forward to hearing from your next steps. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need additional information.


All the best



Example #2

Make your thank-you note more personal to stand out from the rest. Send an email that looks like this to show you care and make sure you are a good fit for the job.


Hi Ms. Bernard,


Just wanted to say thank you for having me in your office today. It was great to learn about 4Apps' goals of streamlining their software and putting an emphasis on quality UX design. I also learned how the engineering department sees its role in these initiatives. 4Apps sounds like a great place to work, and not just because of the awesome summer outings. Your business is a great example of mission and I look forward to working with you to help redesign the homepage.


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns to help me move the process forward.


Enjoy a wonderful rest of your week.

Kyle Triston



Send your thank you email to the next level

The template is sufficient, but if you want to really impress a hiring manager, add a few more lines before "I look forward ..." with any ideas or suggestions you might have about how you could contribute value." If you are in a creative position, a mockup of the topic you discussed during the interview, taglines if your role is in branding, slides, or potential partners if your job is in business development, sales, or business development, this could be helpful.


It could look like this:


Example #3

Hi Tanner


I am grateful for the opportunity to meet with you today. It was great to learn more about your career path at CarRuns and what it was like being the fifth employee. What you see the company doing in the next few years.


Following up on our conversation regarding churned customers, I have attached a brief deck I mocked up based on my initial ideas to increase renewals. If you find it useful, I'm happy to discuss.


CarRuns is an exceptional place to work. I know this and would love to be part of such a talented, innovative, hardworking and passionate team. Let me know if you need anything to help make your hiring decision.


All my best wishes

Adelaide Jenkins



Alexandra Franzen, Muse writer, has more tips to help you take your email to the next level.


You can also drop a note in the mail to show your appreciation, especially if you feel that the interviewer is more traditional. You can connect them by adding a line to your email such as:




You should still send an email thanking you for your consideration, even if your letter is sent by snail mail.


Your thank-you note sets the tone for your interview follow up. No matter what you do, don't forget to thank the hiring manager. To remind your hiring manager that you are a top applicant and show your appreciation, use the template below.



Perfect Template to Write a Thank You Email After a Job Interview with Samples - Unified Career
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