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Here Are Some Examples of The Best Thank-You Emails for After an Interview | Unified Career

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After an interview, it's a good idea send a thank you email. Over the years, a lot has happened in the job interview process. For example, it's not unusual for candidates to be asked to take part in a video interview. They can also show their brand by linking to their social media pages or perform some work on spec to prove their qualifications for the job.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the requirement to thank your interviewers for their time. This can be done via email to provide a more immediate follow up.


According to a Talent Inc. survey, 68% of hiring managers stated that receiving a thank you email or note influences their decision-making.


Why Thank You Emails are Beneficial

A thank-you email is a great alternative to writing a paper-and-ink thank-you note.


For example, an email can be used to remind potential employers of your skills and qualities. You can also show them your online portfolio, LinkedIn account or professional social media profiles.


You will also be able to share anything that you wish to have said during the interview but weren't able to.


If the hiring manager is making a fast decision, it is important to send an email within 24 hours or immediately after a job interview.


Your note should reach the interviewer before a hiring decision is made and while you are still fresh in your mind.


What to include in your email?

Thank-you notes should be concise and to the point. It is sufficient to write a few sentences. When writing your note, there are some basic things you should remember.


Thanks to the interviewer

Your email should begin with a thank you note to the interviewer and mention your interest in the job.


Mention your qualifications for the job

It is also a good idea for you to remind the interviewer about your qualifications. Make sure to mention any key skills that were listed in the original job description (or those that were mentioned during the interview).


Demonstrate your expertise

You may want to highlight your most relevant experiences and provide links to your online portfolios or other professional networks.


Do not forget to include a subject line in your message

To ensure that your message is read and opened, include your name or the title of the job and "thank you".


Include your name in your subject line to ensure that the hiring manager reads it and understands that you are important.


Add a signature

To make it easier for the hiring manager, include your contact information (email address, phone number, and LinkedIn if you have one).


Tips to Write a Thank-You Email for Interviews

These are some additional tips to help you write a thank-you note after a job interview. Also, what should you include?


Thank you for interviewing with you. Your thank-you note should reiterate your desire to work in the job. Describe why you are interested in the job, your qualifications, and what you can do to make a significant contribution.

Talk about Anything You Wish You'd Said: This is your chance to talk about anything that was not asked by the interviewer. You might, for example, briefly mention why you think you will fit in with the company's culture in an email if you weren't given the opportunity to do so.

Reexamine Any Issues Raised During the Interview. Finally, you can use your letter to address any concerns or issues that were raised during the interview. This includes topics you didn't answer as fully as you would have liked. If you feel you have answered a question incorrectly, you can explain it here.

Example of a Thank-You Email for Interview

Below is a thank-you letter example. You can use it as a template for your own thank you email. This sample will give you an idea of how to format your email, and what information to include. It will be necessary to adapt it to your specific circumstances.


Subject Line of the Message : Thank you--Assistant account executive Interview


Dear Ms. Jenkins


It was a pleasure to speak with you about the position of assistant account executive at Smith Agency. This job seems to be a great match for my interests and skills.


Your creative approach to account administration confirmed my desire for working with you.


My enthusiasm is not the only thing I bring to the job. I also have strong writing skills and assertiveness.


Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I would be interested in this job and hope to hear from you.




Marjorie Campbell






Example Subject Lines for Thank-You Emails

Include enough information in the subject line to explain why you are writing the email. Include "Thank you" along with your name, title, or both. Here are some examples of subject lines:


Thank you, --First name, Last name

Thank you--Job Title

Thank you, --First name, last name, job title

Thank you--Job title, First name, Last name

Thank You! Job Title, First Name, Last Name

Thank-You Signature Example

Your contact information should be included in your signature so that the hiring manager can get back to you quickly. Here's an example.


Your Name


Email Address

Phone Number

Website for professionals (optional).

LinkedIn URL (optional).

Social media pages for work (optional).


Send separate emails to each interviewer

Ask for business cards from multiple people if you are being interviewed. This will allow you to have contact information for every thank-you email.


Send an email to each interviewee. You should send different messages to ensure that recipients don't have to compare notes later.


Things to Avoid when Following Up

You can confirm the positive impressions made during your interview by sending a thoughtful "thank you" email right after the interview. This will help you keep your candidacy top-of-mind as final hiring decisions are made. It also shows that you have the communication skills and good manners employers want in their employees.


There are also some things to avoid.


Do not harass your interviewers. Initiatives like a thank you email and a follow up a week later are sufficient. You won't be promoting yourself; you will be stressing them out. Your goal is to not only show hiring managers that your qualifications are valid but also to convince them that you want to work for them.

Do not send anything that makes you look bad: This includes personal social networks profiles with unprofessional photos or behavior. This is a good rule of thumb. While you might not see anything wrong with a picture of you on vacation sipping margaritas, the hiring manager may feel differently. Use internet acronyms and memes in your emails.

Avoid overwriting: Keep your message focused and short. An overly lengthy thank-you note will not be read by the interviewer. Concentrate on saying "thanks" and briefly reiterating interest in the job.

Do not send misspelled or grammatically incorrect emails. Even professionals make mistakes when trying to do it on their own. Before you hit "send", get another pair of eyes to review your work.


Here are more thank-you samples for interviews

For more inspiration and guidance on writing thank-you letters after job interviews, you can review these email messages and templates.

Here Are Some Examples of The Best Thank-You Emails for After an Interview  | Unified Career
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