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Top Proactive Great Questions to Ask During in a Job Interview – Unified Career

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You possibly by now know that an interview isn't just a chance for the hiring manager to grill you with interview questions--it's also your occasion to sniff out whether a job is the right job for you.

This means that you need to be prepared to ask questions. What are you looking for in a job? What is the company? The department? The team?

We've compiled a list with key questions that interviewers should ask to get you thinking. You don't have to ask them all at once. Some of these topics will be covered in the course of your conversation, but you can always add more questions later.


When the inevitable "So, do we have any questions?" part of the interview arrives, you can use this list to help you prepare. This list will help you ensure that you have covered everything.

1-10 Questions to Ask about the Job

First, be sure to understand the job's daily responsibilities. This is important for both the present and the future.

What is a typical day like?

What are the immediate needs?

Could you give me some examples of projects that I might be involved in?

What skills and experience do you look for in a candidate?

What are the essential attributes for this job?

Which skills are the team lacking that you're looking for a replacement with?

What would be the most difficult challenges for someone in this situation?

What budget would you recommend?

Does this new role exist?

Are you expecting the main responsibilities to shift in the next six to twelve months?


11-16 Questions to Ask about Training and Professional Development

Consider each job as an opportunity to advance your career. What will this job do to help you reach your career goals?

What training will I receive?

Which training programs are available for your employees?

Do you have any opportunities to advance or develop professionally?

Could I represent the company at industry conference?

Is the last person to have held this job and is he or she moving on?

What were the achievements of successful employees in this job?


17-20 Questions to Ask about Your Performance

It is important to understand how your potential manager will judge your success. This applies both to understanding the company's priorities and their managerial style.


What are the most important tasks you would like to see someone do in their first 30-60, 60, and 90 days?

What are your expectations for the position's performance over the first twelve months?

What is the performance review process like here? What would be the frequency of formal review?

Which metrics or goals will be used to evaluate my performance?


21-25 Questions to Ask the Interviewer

It shows you are interested in the interviewer as a person and is a great way of building rapport.


How long have been with the company for?

Is your role different since you started?

What were you doing before this?

What brought you to this company?

What is your favorite thing about working here?

26-30 Questions to Ask about the Company

You might be interested in learning more about the work environment you may find yourself working. A job is not just about what you do every day.

I have read about the founding of the company, but could you please tell me more about ...??

What do you see for this company over the next few years?

Can you tell me more about your growth plans or new products?

What are the company's current goals and how can the team support them?

What makes you most excited about the company’s future?

31-37 Questions to Ask about the Team

Your work life can be affected by the people you work alongside every day. Ask questions to find out if it's the right group for you.

Could you please tell me more about the team with which I will be working?

Which person will I be most likely to work closely with?

Whom will I report directly to?

Could you please tell me more about my direct report? Which are their strengths? What are the biggest challenges for the team?

Are you planning to hire more people for this department within the next six-months?

What other departments are most closely related to this one?

What are the most common career paths within this department?

38-47 Questions to Ask about the Culture

Is the office buttoned-up conservative or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of place? Learn the subtle, but oh-so-important, aspects of company culture.

What is the culture of your company and your team?

What would you describe as the work environment? Is it more collaborative or more autonomous?

Could you please tell me about your last team event?

Are there any company values or a formal mission statement? Note: This information should not be Google-able!

Which office tradition is your favorite?

What are you and your team's favorite lunchtime activities?

Is there anyone in the team who likes to go outside of the office?

Are you a part of any joint events?

What is it like to work here?

What has changed in the company since you joined it?


48-51 Questions to Ask about Next Steps

Make sure you have all the information you need before you go. Also, ask these questions to ensure you are clear about the next steps.


Are there any concerns about my past being a good fit for this job?

What are the next steps during the interview process?

Do you have any other suggestions?

Do you have any last questions?

Top Proactive Great Questions to Ask During in a Job Interview – Unified Career
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