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Questions HR will Ask in Almost Every Job Interview | Unified Career

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Job Interviews are packed with different types of questions where interviewers want to assess the candidates’ knowledge, skills, experience, psychology, and confidence level. In all the interviews there are at least three main categories of the questions including personal questions, profession related questions and situational or psychology related questions. All of these questions aim at assessing the overall candidates’ aptitude towards job role and organizational culture. Following are the most important questions to ask that every HR do consider while interviewing job candidates for a certain job role. If candidates work on these common and important questions, their chances of being hired are higher.


Tell me about yourself?

This is the most common and probably the first question, which initiate the communication between candidate and interviewer. Purpose of this question is to open up with the candidate. As some of the candidates are afraid of the questions and by having first simple question makes them comfortable and positive. It is simple question where candidate needs to explain about his/ her basic profile like profession, qualification, experience and some personal stuff like age and living/ residence. Interviewer can fetch important details like demography, communication level, tone, behavior, focus, attention, confidence and much more about the candidate at the beginning of the interview.  

Can you tell me briefly about your family?

This HR question is usually asked to understand the family background, any responsibilities such ass married or single, siblings and children. In this way, employer can understand the level of responsibilities on the candidate and importance of job with respect to such family profile. Most of the time married people especially with children are considered more consistent toward job as compared to fresh graduates. But it is not the thumb rule, many employers love to hire fresh graduates as they consider fresh graduates or youngsters, and single candidates are more energetic, passionate, and good learners to do tasks effectively. Hence this question results may vary from company to company.


What is/ are your hobbies?

This question assesses the type of person a candidate is. Having sports, computing, physical works, reading books, watching movies, socializing, eating certain foods, travelling and so on. All these types of hobbies and interest explain candidate’s personality to the interviewer.

Why did you leave the previous job?

If you are already in the job market and worked in somewhere else in the past, then this is the most likely HR question. this question is primarily to assess the candidate’s psychology, intent, and character about his relationship with the past employer. It is always a tactful question and candidates must not speak wrong or negative about the past employer as this will badly impact on their interview results. Whether your experience was bad or good with the past employers, always respond professionally and positively. Do not blame others or previous boss for quitting the job. Rather answer this question with response like quitting the previous job was to find the better prospects for my career goals.  

Tell me about any distinctive or best work that you did in your previous job?

This is also a very common question, which has two major assessments to be made by the interviewer. One is to understand the highest levels of the skills candidate achieved in his career and secondly how does candidate explain his/ her success story with people. It is always advised to show confidence and pride in talking about your best performance in the past job.

Why is there educational gap in your qualifications?

If there is any gap in the education due to some illness, accident, or any other issue, it is common and can happen to anyone. Therefore, try to respond this question with positive and confident tone. Do not negatively respond any question, including such critical question.

Why is there gap in jobs showing in your resume?

It is also common thing to have some gap in your work experiences due to any circumstances, ranging from personal health, family issue, economic recession, or educational business. Therefore, this answer should relate any of the issue you have faced with confidence and politely. Interviewers not only want to know the basic reason of gap, but they also try to find any loophole or professional error in your profile, as if you intentionally remained free during that gap for no genuine reason. It should not be the case otherwise it is a negative sign for your employment opportunity.

Tell me about your strengths?

This interview question is one of the finest and crucial question that HR will ask you in job interview. Idea is to understand the confidence, abilities, and qualities that you present and contain in yourself. No one can better explain you, therefore make good choice of words and qualities that are your strength at work. Do not exaggerate or lie as it will be caught sooner or later. Interviewers identify major qualities that they are seeking for the job role to match with your claimed strengths. They will also observe them in your resume and profile as well.

Tell me about your weaknesses?

Similar to strengths, this is also a top question, directly related to your capabilities to handle the job responsibilities in critical situations. Therefore, any weakness will be serious judges on job requirements. Do not speak negative about yourself or say ill about yourself. As nobody will like you if you do not like yourself first. Value your abilities, think positive and make this question to reflect your quality instead of weakness. For instance, you can say I am sensitive about my responsibilities, I feel uncomfortable until I complete my task. Although this is portrayed as weakness that you feel too much, but at the same time it is a quality that you are too serious to complete the job.

What is your greatest fear?

This is more of psychological test, whereby interviewer seeks the mental strength, and anything negative that may be critical for the job-related work. Most of the time the answer to such question should be to fear of none but God. Company demands that you should not be afraid of challenges at any point and face the challenges and solve the issues amicably. Therefore, this question is also very relevant important for the employer to ask and most of the HR interviews can ask such question. 

What do you know about this company?

This is very valid and important question that HR will ask mostly. This is intended to know how much candidate knows about the company and it will also reflect the study of the candidate about the company and interest in the company to pursue the job. Therefore, candidates should properly research and study the company profile, its various aspects, important people, major achievements and most importantly vision, mission, and objectives too.

How do you think this job is suitable or best for you?

This question justifies the candidates own confidence and level of interest towards the job. Candidate is given a chance to fully explain his/ her intentions and plans to perform the duties for this job. By answering this question candidate highlights his/ her strengths, qualifications and expertise that are most relevant and suitable for the job.

What did you like and dislike in your past work?

This question is intended at understanding the mindset of the candidate and his/ her preferences with respect to job. What candidate likes most in the working environment and what was his/ her best experience with respect to job satisfaction in the previous organization. Similarly asking about the disliking in the previous work also seeks the candidate’s behavior and attitude towards people, work, and organization. Job candidates should never utter ill about the companies where he/ she previous worked. Even if candidate had bitter time in the organization, he/ she should never complain about previous organization in front of the interviewer. This will not serve the purpose to win a job, as it might annoy the interviewer and consider the candidate as problematic person. This does not mean to falsely admire the organization but diplomatically answer the question without going into critical details about previous employer.

What is your greatest achievement in the previous job?

This wonderful HR question that actually assess the real-life performance of the candidate other than educational qualifications. It can be sales target achieved at previous company, being top employee of the month, appreciation certificate for certain job fulfilment at work and so on. Such type of achievements add credit to job interview score. It is always wise to prepare a list of achievements, success story and appreciation letters or words to be presented or told for such questions during the interview.

Are you flexible with long hour shifts or late sittings?

Flexibility to work in shifts or for longer hours is another modern-day requirement for most of the companies especially for the manufacturing IT related and such other companies where work is done at day/ night shifts. Candidate needs to be aware of this prior to the interview and should answer this question honestly, otherwise it would be difficult to sustain the job, if he/ she is not able to work in rotating shifts. Candidate should tell the truth about their preference and possibilities for the work in shifts.

What is your expected salary?

A typical HR question that is asked to the candidate during the Job Interview to assess their expectations and identifying the gap between the company offering and candidate’s expectation. It is always wise to tell the salary into a range such from $10k to $14k. salary range should be realistic and in line with candidate’s profile and job description. Most of the time candidates have idea about the salary range for the job applied, hence do not go beyond that range.

Are you comfortable to work in pressure or to do challenging tasks?

Pressure and challenges are always present in every job; therefore, it is not a surprising question for the candidates. Job candidates must be agreeing to take the challenges and convert them into opportunities to grow in the organization. A good employee embraces the pressure and challenges and deal them with full dedication to sort out the things efficiently.

What is greatest motivation for you to get this job?

This question is usually asked to assess the main attraction for the candidate to work for the given job role, it can be brand name, ease of doing the job, attractive package, promising career, attractive organizational culture, or such other factors. HR will assess the candidate’s motivation in comparison to the job requirements. Therefore, job candidate should wisely answer this question.

Anything about you that is not mentioned in your resume?

Candidates usually do not explain everything into their resume, such as some extracurricular activities, some work-related achievements, any distinction in educational track record. So, answering this question during the job Interview with some suitable achievement or distinction that is not mentioned in the resume will add value in the job interview.

Any question or concerns you have in mind about this job role?

This is usually the last question asked by the interviewer to give opportunity to the interviewee to ask anything which not clear to them or they want to further know. Generally, the candidates respond to this question by asking about the remaining stages and time of the job selection process or further details about the organization and its culture.

Some other relevant questions that can also be asked by the HR are as follow:

Where did you hear about this job?

This HR question is usually asked to understand the path of interview journey travelled by the candidate, whether it is through online advertisement or some referral. HR want to know the best channels for future job posting hence this question helps them assess the responses.

Do you have any relative or friend working in this company? 

This question aims at knowing if the candidate has some known person within the organization. Many organizations do not allow blood relations or spouse to work with in same organization or department. Hence this question is directly related for such organizations and they must ask this question to the candidates.

Questions HR will Ask in Almost Every Job Interview | Unified Career
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