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Interview Tips That Will Assist You to Get the Job | Unified Career

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There are plenty of jobs posted every day in various categories and fields. However, getting a new job is not simple plug and play task. It demands from the job seekers to fully commit their efforts that can win them a job. Getting a call for the interview is not the main thing, most important part begins with interview. Therefore, interview preparation needs to be done perfectly to win the job. Following are the important tips to prepare for the interview that will assist you to get the job.

Understand Yourself

It is primary step towards the successful job interview, to have clear idea about your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities with respect to your profile, abilities, interests and qualifications. Making deeper assessment and understanding about yourself in terms of career planning will help a lot to demonstrate your best and real during the interview. Therefore, know yourself first, it will set a clear direction and efforts towards attainment of right career and job choices for you. Many candidates keep switching jobs based on certain short term fantasies and benefits, which are not matching with their core interests and skillsets, therefore, they lose the jobs quickly or not able to find a job for themselves. If you follow your profile based jobs, there are mostly chances of growth, peace of mind and better learning experience too.

Research First

After getting a call for interview, it is again required to do laser target research that is focused on your company, job description in specific market. Identifying various facts, personalities, developments and new knowledge related to it. Knowing deeper about the job related aspects is significantly important to make a strong impression during the interview. Having more resourceful knowledge about the job and its field also boost the confidence as you know most of the stuff about it and you will not halt or pause while answering to the technical or difficult questions.

Develop Focus

Before and during interview your focus should be clear and towards attainment of job. Before interview, as discussed earlier study more about the job and about the organization that is offering the job. Do not be distracted or engage in other activities too much, that you forget to prepare key things about the interview. Similarly, during the interview keep concentrated and listening to the interviewer. Do not be lazy, uninterested or non-serious. Be vigilant, courteous and humble in your behavior.

Find out common questions

Before interview it is important to understand the expected questions related to the job you have applied. There can be variety of questions to be asked from you by the interviewers. Personal questions such as your family background, living, interests, age and so on. Similarly, you can be asked about your educational profile, any courses you have taken, your grades and achievements in the education. If you have worked previously, there can be questions related to your exit from the previous job or any gap during the work experience in the past. Therefore, you are the first person who knows everything about what happened throughout in your life. But you should also learn to make a positive, confident and yet realistic impression in all these types of questions. Do not lie or over exaggerate as it will be evident sooner or later, which is not healthy for your career growth. Be honest, realistic but at the same time positive and dignified.

Prepare for Behavioral Question

Not only the common questions but there can be behavioral or situational questions where interviewer can develop a certain situation related to your job role or ask you form the past job about any experience related to certain situation. Such as have you ever got disappointed from your boss during the past work? Such questions are asked to assess the behavior and attitude of the candidate which is right fit for the job role or not. Always answer such questions with positive polite and professional way. For instance, for above question, never respond that you hated your boss too much, even if you actually hated him. You can respond it in positive and professional language it was tough challenge and I learnt a lot from this experience. Never make a messy or complaining attitude. Make it positive and hopeful response that will make strong behavioral impression.

Work on body Language

Body language is not just active listening, though it is most important to be a good listener but your body language matters a lot. Especially the movement of your head, eye contact and facial expressions tell the whole internal story, whether you are actively involved, confused, thinking something else or offended and much more. Therefore, working on body language is equally important task during interview. Interviewers strongly assess your body language. Therefore, stay confident, keep it simple and straight, keep consistent eye contact, nod your head wherever it is important, pass smile often and use your hands movement while speaking to make impression and show confidence. Be an active listener and proactive to respond. All these body language moves, means a lot for the interviewer and he/ she considers you an active, attentive, resourceful and good team worker.

Mirror Interview

You can work on your body language and expected questions in front of mirror. As it is most commonly acknowledging technique for people who are preparing for the interview. This is so effective technique that it makes up the mind prepared and ready for the interview. It also shows your standing about your body language, spoken mistakes and such other weaknesses that you can improve instantly by repeatedly practicing in front of mirror. Such practice should be done few days before the interview day and it will have decisive impact during the interview with much positive and effective interview delivery.

Mirror practice actually unfolds yourself for the interview, it shows your personality while you imagine yourself at interview place. So acting good in front of mirror or improving your deficiencies in front of mirror means winning at interview.

Improve vocabulary for bestselling points

While practicing your interview question, try to look for professional tone and words. Find out best words that fit for right answer. Similarly work on your selling points that means explain your key skills, aims and motivations towards the job role. Develop good vocabulary and choices of words to sell your skills for the job. Similarly, also work on expected concerns and cross questions from the interviewer that may be asked to prove your motivation and interest towards job. Prepared very well and develop most reasonable, professional and resounding answers with good choice of professional words.

Connect with people

This world is all about connections and social interactions. In professional life, if you are more connected with relevant people then you are more resourceful and influential person. Therefore, make connections in your related industry or profession. Find the contact details on social media and professional media like LinkedIn related to your expertise, profession and qualifications. Similarly, when you apply in certain organization or aim at targeting the company for new jobs, find out their key persons’ professional profiles on websites like LinkedIn. In this way, you can build rapport with them or at least make them acknowledged of your profile. When you apply for the job in their company, it can provide significant support. As you contact with them seeking tips and guidance on how to prepare for the interview. Therefore, always be open to connect with professionals and make healthy communication and acquaintance with them.

In line with interviewer

While you are in front of interviewer and asked so many difficult or annoying questions, do not be panic or confront at all. Try to remain on same page with the interviewer, except for the questions or points which really need to be justified or disagreed. Such as any comment or response about your abilities to perform the job related tasks by the interviewer can be answered with confidence in your own favor or support.

Idea is to not confront or argue with the interviewer rather build strong rapport of being already in their team. By acting with such behavior, interviewer becomes more comfortable and inclined towards the candidate. It is all about confidence and developing understanding more than anything else. Therefore, learn the art of impressing by being on same page with the interviewer.

Be on time

Another important tip for getting job successfully, it is important to be on interview place at least half hour or twenty minutes earlier. It will help a lot in many ways. It makes strong impression of being serious towards job and it also makes the candidate comfortable about the scenario and situation. Being there well before the interview time, means you can learn more about the interviewer or company by physically witnessing the place before going for the interview room. Hence, remember the pro tip for interview to be there well before interview time and its part of your professional attire.

Dress to impress

As you know your confidence it primary tool to be utilized at interview, but your dressing is an important catalyst to boost your confidence, and makes you a professional. Do not wear too funky and dark colors. Rather prefer simple and neat dress with elegant looking light or white shirt. Properly knot the tie and polish your shoes. Comb your hair neat and overall hygiene should be excellent too. All of your neat and clean dressing adds to your confidence during the interview. So always focus on professional attire for the interview.

Be Prepared for unexpected

Sometime, it is expected that you get an unexpected question or situation during the interview despite of your all preparation. Do not be worried or confuse, stay calm and confident. Try to respond professionally to the situation. If you are not sure about the answer do not hesitate and respond I need to check it again or I am not sure about this or such other similar response that shows your honest and simple response. Instead of boasting or giving false answer, it is wise to honestly respond with actual situation.

During interview, you should not expect such question too often where you are not able to answer properly. Therefore, ensure yourself to be fully prepared and cover each and every aspect of the interview questions as discussed earlier.

Maintain good confidence

At every level and situation of interview day, maintain higher level of confidence. Do not think negative, rather stay hopeful, happy and contented. As you put your best to prepare for the interview and if there is your luck and no better competitor there, you will win the job. Otherwise never regret, as other than your efforts, confidence there is luck. Luck is major factor which is mostly not in your hands. But you should also believe that consistent efforts and hard work can also change bad luck into good luck.  Hence, remain optimistic, thriving and always say good luck to yourself. Chances are higher to win job if you follow the above mentioned tips and guidance towards interview preparation.

End on good gestures

As the interviewer stops questioning and ask you to tell if you have any question or concerns. At this point, you should ask them about the next steps and how long will it take to finalize the results for this job placement. Similarly, you can ask the employer/ interviewer about their experience in the organization. In this way, you can build rapport with them and it also shows your interest to be the part of their team or group.

Post interview

After the interview it is nice idea to write an email or talking over the phone with the employer for their kind opportunity of interview and also thanking the interviewer appreciating their skills and kind time. This is to remain engaged and involved with the employer and keeping them reminded about your candidacy for the job.

By following above mentioned tips you are higher chances of being recruited, provided that you prepare your resume, cover letter and profile according to your qualifications, expertise and interests.

Interview Tips That Will Assist You to Get the Job | Unified Career
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