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How to Find Your New Job | Steps from Unified Career

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If you are in the hunt of a job, then this is worth read for you. As here we will go through the important steps to find new job for you. You will be able to understand how to find the right businesses and organizations, where you can be called up for interview and get recruited. The idea is to remove all the mazes from a job seekers mind and making a clear focused mind about the new job search with simple and easy steps. That results in positive and hopeful results for the new job seekers.

Find your passion

Finding a job that does not meet your passion is something which might not give you progress and satisfaction. Therefore, from the scratch try to find a job that entice you and make you happy. If you enjoy what you work, that work will bring promising success for you. Or in other words, the work you do you should love it and enjoy it doing. Therefore, made up your mind about the new job.

Assess your standing

Knowing your skills, temperament, personality, strengths and weaknesses determines your position about the new job. Such assessment is important before you find new job. You should have positive and good assessment about your capabilities and standing with respect to the target job role. Setting realistic goals with respect to job hunting is mandatory requirement to be set by the candidates to ensure their job hunting to be successful.

Shortlist organizations/ brands

It is important at this stage to make your preferences in terms of type of organizations you are looking for. Study and research the organizations which are attractive for you. After studying the organization, establish contacts with the key position holders in the organization as it will help a lot while new jobs are posted in that organization. This is critical and most crucial part, if you are able to win contacts in your ideal organization or business. This is not the guarantee that you will land a job in that organization based on these contacts, but still it makes an impact and reference that makes your profile to be considered for any relevant new job.

Research best job bank

By setting clear goals, understanding the right job for yourself, next step is to shortlist the top job bank and recruitment sites, where you can find some good options to apply for the job. Unifiedcareer.com can be a very handy recruitment website, as it offers great resources to job seekers. By signing up into this website, users are able to get noticed by the employers of their field. Candidates are also prompted for the new jobs related to their profile instant the job is posted.

Focus on credible, serious and reputed websites and job banks. It will further reduce the time and efforts towards targeted job hunting. Target your already shortlisted organizations, if they have posted any jobs in the recruitment websites. As you find a relevant job posted by your preferred organization, do not apply immediately, first contact the person you already have developed acquaintance, talk to them and get their advice too. After that submit your application through the job recruitment portal. It is also important to regularly visit such recruitment websites to readily know the new job postings and apply to the relevant jobs.

Never lose focus

Consistency is another name of success. If you are focused and consistently do efforts in right direction, you will definitely get the results. Keep yourself motivated and focused on your target. Focus means to consistently do the important or necessary tasks which are leading to secure a new job. Throughout the job search process steps, never get disheartened or disappointed. Every delay or failure from your efforts is actually the path you cover towards success. So this is important in all the job seeking steps to stay focused and motivated.

Develop your professional attire

Winning a job needs professionalism. A person with dull dressing, poor attire and lazy body language will never find job easily or will soon fail in the job. It will also diminish the opportunities to succeed. Therefore, start working on your attire. Make steps to make yourself professionally presentable. Improve your communication skills, organize yourself and your routine. Get rid of unnecessary or unproductive activities, rather spend your time on positive and productive activities such as doing exercise, reading books, eating healthy and enjoying time with family and friends.

Time is more important than money, therefore spend each moment with quality stuff that adds value to your personality and life. As discussed earlier, dress yourself neat and tidy. Your dress reflects your personality. By working on your attire and routine, you can become highly resourceful and confident person, that surely make you top candidate for any job.

Build strong networking

Networking is an essential part of new job search. Being a fresh or existing employee, one must work on their social networking. If you want to find a job quickly, chances are your networks can help you a lot. Not only networks refer you to a vacant job opportunity to their connections, but they also can hook you up for the jobs. Similarly, people in your network can be helpful for writing recommendation letters for your new job. It is not just for reference for the job or recommendation from your networks, it is part of professional life, where you present yourself as a brand. Your brand is what you present and what type of connection you have. Therefore, always stay connected with the professionals, progressive and honest people. They will be a great part of our professional life and their mere presence in your life is sufficient for your progressive career.

Polish your credentials

Once you finalize your category and field of the new job hunting, now enhance your credentials according to that. Your CV or resume should reflect those key features and attributes which are desired for your target job. At the same time, make sure not to overdo or exaggerate. As this will raise the expectations of the employer, which you might not be able to deliver during the interview. Therefore, be honest, clear and direct in your resume building.

Similarly, make your cover letter interesting and positive by discussing your strengths, qualifications and experiences with confidence. Also consider the job related requirements and scope while writing the cover letter, which shows your preparation and interest in job. Cover letter should be prepared with proofreading and best possible sentences and words choices.

Nail it – Interview preparation

Once you have applied for a job with your updated credentials such as resume and cover letter. Next, you will be expecting call or email for the next stage i-e an interview. This a major breakthrough in your job hunting. As you get response from the employer based on your submitted application. At this stage, it is important to clearly understand the next stage process and requirements. Such as interview place, date and time. Similarly, any supporting documents or materials to be bring along like copies of educational certificates and experience letters from the past employer and your personal details like ID card. Note down all the requirements, collect all the relevant documents and stuff ready well before the interview day. Never let these preparations for the last day.

Next, review your application details. Try to think of expected questions based on your submitted resume and application pack. It is always wise to practice some interview questions by sitting in front of mirror and talking to the mirror as if you are answering tot the employer. In this way you can prepare your body language, tone and also some of the expected questions from the interviewer. This technique helps boosting confidence and readiness during the interview.

On interview day, as always advised be well before the time. You should be at interview place 20-30 minutes earlier. As you may get stuck in traffic, or forget the location or such other circumstances which take longer than expected time to travel to the interview place. Secondly, reaching before the time will also help in making your mind clear and adjusting yourself in the environment of interview place.

Remain composed, confident and courteous. Try to talk to the people around, greet them and have general chit chat. Do not be too frank or overjoyed while talking to the people. Speak politely and professionally.

As interview starts, greet the interviewer with smile. During interview, remain attentive, involved and keen.  Answer the questions with confidence, after thinking and processing the question. Do not take long pauses neither speak fast as if you want to finish it early.

At the end of the interview, try to build rapport with the interviewer by asking them about their job in the organization, their experience in the organization, culture of the organization. Similarly, you can also ask about the timeline for the next step or when this position will be filled.

Talk back

After completing a successful interview, the next step is to wait for another call or response from the employer. Probably employers give time frame during which candidates can expect the response. If there is no response from the employer, then you should follow up by calling to them or writing them with reference to your application.

As you get the offer or confirmation of being shortlisted from the employer, it is important to write them a thankful note and their kind consideration for the give job role. Similarly, if possible talk to the interviewer over the phone and thank them for their kind time and consideration.

Make timely decision

Once you are offered to join the employer’s organization by getting the offer letter and other details such as job responsibilities, duties, timing, salary and other benefits, do not make hasty decision. Read the complete offerings and policies and conditions mentioned in the offer letter such as designation, joining date, salary and other benefits and so on. If all things are fine and considerable, it is good to sign the offer letter and send it back within 1-2 days. However, if there are any questions or confusions about the offerings, you can write them or call them directly to clarify your concerns or questions.

Do not delay your response for offer letter more than normal given time, as it may create doubts in the employer’s mind. Try to read and understand the offer and make timely decision.

In a nutshell, if we discuss the all steps of finding a new job are as below

  • It starts with the candidate’s own assessment and understanding of their skills and interests. As job seeker first need to know their expectations, desire, aptitude and interest before the job search process steps start.
  • After identifying the type of job, next step is to find the best job search places to find the right match for the candidate such as unifiedcareer.com
  • After shortlisting the relevant jobs, prepare your resume and cover letter according to the specific job. Submit your thoroughly prepared application to the employer’s given email or postal address.
  • As the application is processed by the employer, candidate gets a call for interview
  • After successful application submission and its acceptance, candidate is required to prepare for the interview.
  • Interview should be taken with confidence, proper study of the candidate’s credentials, company profile and proper attire
  • After interview, next step is to expect or wait for the response from the interviewer about interview results. If employer shortlisted the candidate, they will send the offer letter and terms and conditions for the offered job.
  • Lastly, candidate is expected to read the offer letter and it’s all requirements then sign it and send it back to the company

During all these steps there are lot of efforts that candidate should makes as discussed earlier. Candidates need to be dedicated and work hard to make themselves according to the job requirements and needs. Improving communication, personality and enhancing the skills and knowledge is very important during all these steps. Similarly, making good contacts and acquaintances in the relevant industry and profession is also must to do task for the job seekers.

How to Find Your New Job | Steps from Unified Career
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