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Quick Tips for Finding a New Job | Unified Career

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Finding a new job can be uphill task for many due to their lack of preparation about job hunting. There are certain parameters to be met by the job seekers to find a new job. Although it is not a rocket science but few simple and clear requirements for a job seeker. If a job seeker follows the basic tips, they can fancy their chances to hook up a new job. Career building at some stages also demands a new job or switch to a new job. Below we will discuss some quick tips that are helping many new job hunters already. So if you also want to find a new job quickly do read these tips and land yourself to a new job soon.

Do your research

First thing first, new job search is not to bring grocery item from the store that you can easily find on the store shelves. Therefore, finding a new job requires proper research and study of the market. Research starts with the assessment of yourself. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Know your interests and motivation. Based on your own personality and profile decide the field, job and position you should looking for.

Look for right job

There are two different things while a job hunter experience about their choices for career. One is their dreams and ideals, which are higher expectations and some luxurious and over estimation of themselves. If a job seeker follows these kind of features and attributes without realizing their actual skills and standings, then there is trouble for them to find a right job.

On the other side, if a candidate considers his/ her key skills, market requirements and position themselves accordingly, there are higher chances of getting a promising and career oriented job.

Here it is important to mention that dreams are good and one should dream for their exciting and promising future and career. But one should make realistic and attainable dreams or goals based on their skills, qualities, motivation and research.

Similarly, for existing job holders with prior experience in the market, should seek ladder up opportunities within same field. As it is always hard to change the industry and finding the growth at the same time. However, if one is already struggling in current type of job or industry, there is no harm in changing the industry in finding a new job.

Find best places to find job

Once filtering the right kind and type of new job, try to shortlist some best job searching and recruitment places. Look for the recruitment websites that offers smart opportunities for job seekers to get a new job. unifiedcareer.com is one of such platform that is not only user friendly but it also provides higher chances to find the most relevant fit for the job seekers to apply. In Unifiedcareer.com, there are variety of employers registered who post different types of jobs frequently on the website portal. Its search engine is highly effective where job seekers can not only enter the position, title or job description but they can also put preferred locations to find such jobs advertised on the website.

Unifiedcareer.com provides a complete range of opportunities for the job seekers to sign up and make their resume built easily on the website. Unifiedcareer.com will take care of your job hunting process by not only providing you the jobs relevant to your resume but they also give resume matching services to quickly filter out the most relevant candidate for a certain job. So if your resume matches to a posted job at unifiedcareer.com, it will recommend you immediately. Site also provides the prompt message for newly posted relevant jobs too. Hence, there are higher expectations of successful job searching for the right candidates who properly fulfil the criteria of resume building and frequently visiting the website.

Customize your Resume

Every time you apply for a job, revisit your resume. Update the profile and customize resume for any changes or addition that is necessary to make an impactful resume for the considered job. Sending the same resume without checking it again with respect to the new job application, there is a chance that you miss some important aspects of your profile to include, which were important and specifically needed for that new job application. Therefore, update your resume every time you apply for new job.

Prepare relevant cover letter

Just like you did with your resume customization, make the similar changes or edits for your cover letter too. In other words, your cover letter is reflection of your resume and motivations for the job application, hence every job demands specific motivation and requirements. Therefore, do not put on old cover letter into every job application, always update and revise cover letter for new job applications. Along with that do check your cover letter for grammar and sentence structure too. Poor language, sentence structure and spelling mistakes make a cover letter a failure on the spot. Therefore, double check the cover letter for perfect cover letter, better get it checked by some mentor or with good grammar and language command.

Do thorough work

It is not only the resume or cover letter, but you have to do a thorough work to get a new job. This means making proper study of the resume building, cover letter and preparing for the interview. Do not just get rid of the tasks associated with the job hunting, you never know which step impacted more to gain success. Doing detailed and thorough work means more preparation and readiness for every step of the new job application process.

PR is the key

Man is a social animal, a famous quote fits best for the job hunting too. A good PR (public relations) is a vital resource for the new job hunting. If you are good at socializing and have maintained good reputation with various professionals and people in the market. It is a sign that you can get good references and recommendations for the new job. During the interviews, discussing the references or friends who are common to this new job or organization will make you more hopeful to get hired. As connections, references and recommendations makes huge impact in shortlisting the candidates along with the prerequisites for the job. Hence, build your connections and public relations focusing on the professionals and industry related contacts.

Also consider relocating

Relocating is something which most of the candidates are reluctant to opt for. Whereas, relocation proven to be highly effective and successful for many successful professional worldwide. Relocating within the country should not be much bothering for most of the people. However, relocating to new country, culture and society is a challenging task but still it proven to be fruitful as many expats in different parts of the world are much successful people than in their home countries.

If more job opportunities are available in other places than your local area, you should consider relocating too. If a job is offered in other city or town than your own locality, consider the potential of the job and future prospects too, if they seem lucrative then do consider relocating as in long run it will add a good experience into your profile. Finding new places for the new jobs can be a great experience if you are moving to more rich place with respect to your career growth. So never ignore the relocating option as it may increase your chances to get a job but also to make strong future prospects. Many candidates simply reject the new jobs due to outstation posting, hence, it could be a good opportunity to grab job easily with less competition.

Never give up

Job seeking is a bit technical task and winning a job is an art. Both things are not difficult or impossible for anyone looking for the job. Therefore, do your work well, implement your plan for job hunting smartly and positively. If results are not coming as expected, stay patient and keep trying your luck. Good efforts and hard work will reward sooner or later.

Sometime, a rejection from an employer makes negative impact on applicant and they get demotivated. This is not the right approach, as you never know, you may get much better opportunity if you keep trying.

Similarly, sometimes it is not the case that you underperformed in the application process or in interview, even if you did your best, it is not the guarantee that your will be hired. There are other factors too such as extraordinary profile of another candidate, some potential reference used by other candidate or employer have some biases which hurdled in your selection for the job. There can be plenty of such reasons. But you should never be negative or low in your motivation with such rejections. Keep trying and applying to the new jobs. You are actually polishing and improving by such rejections. Consider all these failures as part of your journey towards success. Never expect to be hired on first spot, which can be possible but not always in the cards.

Take short courses

Despite of your good qualifications and experiences, it is always good to keep yourself up to date with the time. As new developments and knowledge is always there which replaces or update the previous. Hence, try to attend some courses or training programs relevant to your profile. These short courses will enhance your profile and make more impact with latest learnings to win a job. At the same times, such courses introduce you to the experts of the industries in form of trainers, mentors, teachers and colleagues. All these new connections can be a great resource for future progression too.so there are two pronged benefits of taking some courses or training programs while searching new job. 

Work on your presentation

Finding a job with nice presentation of yourself and your credentials is equally important. Therefore, work on your personality too. Do exercise to keep yourself active and fit. Eat healthy, take good sleep, make time table for different works. Give some time to read books, watch movies on motivational and learning topics. Socialize with successful, progressive and professionals people. All such positive steps will help you to improve your personality and make you more credible and resourceful person.

Such activities will boost your confidence too, as confidence it very important factor in finding a job. If a good profile has low confidence or low self-esteem, chances are that person will lose the job. Whereas, a person with slightly low profile but with strong confidence and communication skills can be benefitted for his/ her confidence and win a job. Therefore, confidence building is very important for winning a new job.


Do Meditation

Meditation is a kind of relaxing. Do meditate with a way you feel comfortable by praying, relaxing, playing music, watching motivational movies, going to the hill station, going for a trip with family or your partner. All these activities help refreshing the mind and keep your mind and body focused and clear of all doubts, depressions and fears.


As discuss earlier, unifiedcareer.com can be a resourceful tool for your new job hunting path. There are vast number of jobs posted daily for different industries with different locations and positions. Website focuses on verified and original job posting with credible and reputed employers from various sectors and fields. Therefore, signup with full confidence and make your active profile as job seeker in unifiedcareer.com to further increase your chances to find job quickly.

Unifiedcareer.com primarily focuses on the bridging the gap between job finders and job advertisers by using sophisticated algorithm whereby most relevant connections are made to ensure increased probability of shortlisting and quick job selection. There is no fake or suspicious jobs posted which is waste of time and resource for the job seekers. Only genuine and serious employers are able to post their job requirements on unifiedcareer.com. Hence you can apply with confidence on your relevant jobs in this website.  

Quick Tips for Finding a New Job | Unified Career
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