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Job Hunting Tips to Get the Job You Want | Unified Career

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In order secure a job you want, there is need to fulfill the prerequisites for that job. You must be passionate, qualified, smart, professional in your presentation and meet the key job requirements. Along with the professionalism, good ethics, manners, communication skills, the Interviewers seek specific qualities to meet their requirements from the advertised job. Therefore, it is important to work on all major aspects for the attainment of the job. Following are the pro job seeking tips to get the job you want. If you follow these job-hunting tips, your chances are higher to get desired job quickly.

  • Set your target first

Being a job candidate, who is actively looking for the job, instead of randomly applying for the jobs on different platforms, it is really very important to set your preference, goals, and targets for the ideal job. Then realistically make clear targets to achieve your interested job. If you are not clear about a kind of job you are looking for, chances are you may end up losing it sooner or later, even if you secure a job. It is because of no relevancy in the job with respect to your interest. Therefore, always define clear goals, targets about job hunting relevant to your interests, qualifications, and skills.

  • Define tasks to attain job goals

Once you have decided the type of jobs and its related industry, next step should be to make list of tasks to be done to work on desired job attainment. It ranges from personal development to professional working on yourself. Below are the major and key tasks you should perform to win a dream job for yourself.

  • Preparing Resume and Cover letter

As you are already clear about type of job and position you are looking for, now it is time to make a professional resume and a standard cover letter that reflects your interests, skills, qualifications and passion to find the similar job.

For resume building, you can find several latest templates, guidelines on internet. Just google it and you can get good idea of how to start with preparing the resume. You should also consult with your mentors or teachers or any other professional from your friends or families about constructing a professional resume. This will greatly help not only to build an awesome resume, but it also opens your vision and exposure about key ingredients and their importance to win a job with presentable resume. Same applies for the cover letter too. Both resume and cover letter should be prepared with lot of interest and consultation with experts, available with you. Hence, this is first step which means half work is done towards job attainment.

  • Work on your communication

If your verbal and written communication is good, it is plus point and it should make an impact during interviews. However, if you think you need to improve it, you should immediately work on it, before you start applying for the jobs. You can improve your communication in many different ways. You can attend some short-spoken courses, study online about improving spoken skills. Similarly, you can make sessions with your friend or family member to convers on different topics to improve your speaking skills. Try to select the topics related to your job profile. It is also helpful tip to practice interview sessions whether with some partner or speaking to yourself in the mirror. While you ask questions to yourself in front of the mirror and answer them, this will boost your confidence, body language, and broaden your vision towards interview skills.

  • Stay Focused

Once you set your goals and target about the job hunting never give up or get disappointed. You should remain focused and serious towards your job search initiatives. Lacking interest or losing attention will not serve the purpose to find the ideal job successfully. Therefore, stay focused, calm, and relaxed throughout the process or even after the job is secured. Make it your habit for rest of the life.

There are several ways to maintain good focus such as meditation, positive thinking, exercises, socialization, reading and helping others. All such activities keep your mentally strong and focused.

  • Polish your skills

While you are working on your job attainment goal, other than the communication skills it is also important to practice and improve your hard skills or such other skills which are necessary or supportive towards your expected job requirements. For instance, if you are seeking a job in banking or financing sector, you should improve your relevant financial skills and update your knowledge too. Subscribe to online financial channels and groups to find latest news and updates about the industry and different organizations. It helps a lot not only during the interviews but also for prospects.

  • Study your industry and relevant companies

As discussed earlier to join the newsletters and online channels related to your job search. Visit websites and journals related to your job to know the trends, market situation, organizations, and such other related things. Try to know the people in different companies such as CEOs, experts of the industries, watch their interviews online, read their articles and reports. All such content immensely improves your knowledge, vision and preparation for the job and promising career ahead.

  • Connect on Social media

It is era of social media, where all the communication is drastically moving to it. Therefore, do not forget to keep yourself active on various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter. Find the different companies official pages and channels on social media. Follow them for latest updates. Make friends and connections from these companies. Try to network with as many professional as you can. You never know, how they can be helpful or supportive for you in future by any mean. Remember to maintain professional attire in youth social media profiles. Frequently, post and comment relevant to your professional skills, knowledge, and interests. It helps to build a good social rapport with your connections.  

  • Explore credible recruitment sites

Today, there are plenty of recruitment and job placement websites. As you have active presence online with social media and professional connections, it is equally important to understand and focus on most credible, authentic, and relevant job search and recruitment websites. Find the most relevant jobs posted there by the employers or by the recruiters. Read the complete requirements, deadline, and process of application. Make list of all the relevant jobs of your interest. Prioritize the jobs with respect to your importance, relevancy, and chances of being shortlisted.


  • Apply with confidence and clarity

As you prioritize advertised jobs on recruitment channels and platforms, especially on the websites, do not immediately apply for the job there. It is better to learn more about the recruiter, visit their website, if possible, visit their office and talk to the officials and ask for advice and culture of the organization. If you cannot visit the office try find the contact details of the management to write an email to further inquire about further details about the job and some advice too. It can help build connections readily in the organization before you apply for the job.

After that, now important to maintain good confidence and positivity while applying for the post. Whether you consider it a myth, but it is really important to remain positive and confident in your application process, it has impact on employers to consider you. In other words, we can say that positivity and confidence reflect in your application and hence make recruiters interested in considering you for interview call.

  • Punctuality and consistency

It is all about your attitude along with positive approach and clarity, you should also be punctual and consistent throughout the application process. Show your dedication in submitting the application and relevant credentials (if any) required by the recruiter. Do not sit relaxed after submitting the application, do follow up after certain time to know the status of your submitted application.

Punctuality and consistency should be made a habit for successful career and life. You can win lot of success, respect, worth and opportunities just by dedicating, showing great discipline and consistency in your work.

  • Be a good listener

A good listener is better learner and a better learner is a best employee. Therefore, work on your listening skills. Always focus on each and every detail in every discussion, talks and communications. By ignoring a speaker, one can lose many things which could give better learning experience and even can make issues too.

If you listen carefully, you can better understand and after processing the information, you can make better response and effective communication strategy. It can easily be said that one of the best tips for searching job is to be a good listener.

  • Invitation for Interview

Based on your successful application, an employer may call you for the interview. Make sure to be prepared for such call and responding them adequately and promptly. In case of email, reply with gratitude and in case of a phone call, it is important not to miss the phone call and speak with the caller in polite and thankful tone.

  • Interview Preparation

Once booked for interview, it is important to make proper preparation for the interview. First of all, go back with application process, review your application package sent by email or by post. Understand key points discussed in the application such as skills, promise or commitment shown in the cover letter. Similarly, go through your resume and learn and understand all the pros and cons in the resume. For instance, any gaps in the education, experience or job switching in the past. Prepare your professional and reasonable answers for such points.

While presenting yourself in the interview, it is important to maintain a professional attire. Do not overdo in selection of dress code. Keep it simple, neat, and graceful. Do not use too much fragrances or perfumes. Remain confident as discussed earlier, show courtesy, humbleness, support, and attention. Try to build rapport with interviewer but do not get personal. Be there around 20 minutes earlier than given time for interview. This time helps in preparing, understanding the environment, and keeping yourself fresh and ready without being in panic or hurried. It will also ensure your seriousness to attain the job.

On interview day, always remember, your confidence will speak more than your credentials. As majority of successful interviews are the result of good communication, ethics, presentation, and rapport building with the employer. Hence, work more on your confidence building and communication skills along with other discussed factors.

  • Post Interview communication

After interview is done, it is time to wait for your luck with the results. After the interview, you should ask few questions to the interviewer, as they give you the opportunity to ask anything. First question should be to know, when this job recruitment process will be finalized. Secondly, you should ask about interviewer’s experience about the organization and ask them to visit the work area, if allowed by the organization. These questions and such type of other questions makes strong impact and recall in the mind of interviewer. It also shows your interest in the organization.

Above-mentioned job-hunting strategies and tips are basic and so important for any aspirant who seeks the job if their own choice. In today’s modern world, professionalism, positive attitude, and good presentation are very important factors along with other discussed details to grab a job.

Another advice for job seekers is to learn the art of mixing up with all types of people in the professional life. You cannot find all the mates of your type or mood in the organization, you will face different behaviors, cultures, values, and responses. You need to learn to live and accommodate with them without making any negative or harsh feelings. It will earn more reputation and opportunities for you. At the same time keep your morale high and think positive all the time.


Job Hunting Tips to Get the Job You Want | Unified Career
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