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Questions to ask an Interviewers, After the Initial Interview

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Post interview process is mainly depending on the employer and work is already done from the job seeker by appearing in the initial interview. However, after the initial interview, there is still important phase left in form of final interview, if shortlisted in initial interview. Therefore, the job seekers or candidates needs to be proactive attentive and engaged with the employers. Interview follow-up can be in different ways depending upon the employers provided instructions and contact information. Some companies, do not want candidates to contact after the initial interview, but they inform the candidate that they will contact the candidate if shortlisted for the next phase of interview. In this case there is not much a candidate can do except regularly checking their email and keeping an eye on their phone given to the employer, expecting the call or email for the next phase.

Below are key questions to be asked and the tips after an initial interview, that can be helpful to understand and remain engage with the employer.

Following are the few of the questions that a candidate should ask at the end of initial interview to make more sounding impression on the employer/ interviewer.

Seek guidance by asking questions

Once the initial interview is over, it is usually a final question from the interviewer that do you want to ask anything or do you have any questions. To answer this question, candidate needs to firstly ask about the next phase and how long it will take to finalize this whole selection process. Similarly, asking about the office timings, overall culture and career growth opportunities are some of the formal questions. These type of questions not only develop strong understanding about the applied job and organization but it also helps to make strong impression in the mind of employer.

What is the importance of this job post for organization?

This question is to understand the importance of the role in the organization, how it relates to the organizational objectives and goals. This question makes the sense for the interviewer that candidate really want to put himself/ herself into this role by realizing its importance. Such question also opens up more discussion with the interviewer as it may look interesting to them.

What major skills can really impact during this job?

This question asked to the interviewer is also a solid and most relevant question towards interest building. Although standard set of skills and qualifications may already be listed in the job advertisement and its requirements. But in order to further dig deep and seek attention of the employer this question of similar question will greatly help. By getting the right answer of this question, candidate has chance to enhance those key and major skills before he/ she is shortlisted. this question makes an opportunity to match the existing skills of the candidate and also understand any gaps or chances of improvement. This question will also show the candidate’s eagerness and excitement to perform well for the job, if selected.

What is the key expectation from the candidate from this job?

This question aims at finding the key performance roles to be attained in order to meet the expectations from the given job. Such as if a sales job is to offered, the major expectation from this role should be to meet the deadlines, targets and boost the sales of the products or the services. Hence, the interviewer can brief some key expectations and candidate should note them or memorize them for next phase preparation. Again the idea of raising such questions it two pronged, one is to understand the job deeply and other is to make a strong impression on interviewer.

What are the growth opportunities in this job?

Career growth is an important part of any job hunt. Candidates love to grab a job with solid career growth. Therefore, this question is also quite direct, relevant and intriguing too. It helps to find the career growth chances for the candidate as answered by the interviewer/ employer. Again the question shows candidate’s interest, excitement and motivation to work hard to ladder up through this job role.

How is your experience in this organization?

In this question, interviewer is asked to discuss their own opinion and feedback about the organization’s working culture. This question makes sense for understanding the culture of the organization and also knowing how the employees of the company claim about their organization. It is also a strong question to be asked soon after the initial interview to the interviewer. It also gives opportunity to make interviewer talk a bit personal.

When this job is expected to start?

This question is to show keenness and interest to join for this role immediately. By having answer for this question, it further clarifies how long would it take to finalize this position by the organization.

Is it possible to make a short visit to the office?

Well, this question might be little tricky, but the answer for this question is in YES, then it is a great opportunity for the candidate to further deeply understand the culture, environment and people by physically visiting them. However, if their answer is NO, this is also absolutely fine. It depends on the policies of the organization too that they do not allow outsiders into their working areas. So in both cases there is no offence from the interviewer as this is not committed or promised by them at any stage.

Hence, asking question to the interviewer is not at all shame, rather it has great and fruitful outcomes. Whether candidate is hired or not, one can build strong connections with the people of similar industry for future prospects too. Therefore, job seekers should prepare themselves for post interview questions to be asked to the employers. Furthermore, while asking the questions candidates should be careful in choosing the questions and words. Avoid slangs and lingos as they are not acceptable in professional discussions and talks. It is therefore, important to have prepared list of questions to be asked post interview. They should consider the following tips and guideline to ensure professionalism.

Be logical and professional while asking

Whether the candidate asks questions to the employer, soon after the interview or later by calling by phone or email. It should be logical, relevant and professional questions. Do not try to cross the limits by trying to be more frank, cracking jokes or becoming informal in communication. It will ruin all the efforts made till the initial interview. At the same time maintain courteous behavior too. In this way, it makes an impression of sensible and intelligent candidate. It raises the chances of being hired too.

Seek more about organization

After the initial interview, it is more favorable for the candidate to aske more about the organization, its culture, trainings, career development processes and such other related information. It will help in further developing the strong understanding of the organization and candidate can adopt easily if being hired in later stage.

 Compliment interviewer for the interview

As the initial interview is over, it is important for the interviewee to appreciate and compliment the interviewer for the patience and time to conduct the job interview. It is nice gesture and professional too. It reflects confidence, wisdom, ethics and sensibility of the candidate, to remember the interviewer, apart from the consequences of the interview.   

Seek tentative time for result

Candidates can ask the employer or their team about the approximate time to complete the interviews and shortlist the candidate. It provides a better picture about what next steps in the interview process and in how much time.

Do not ask direct question

It is not wise to ask direct questions such as “will you hire me?” or “how was my interview?”. Yes, most of the candidates are well aware of this ethical requirement. But some new or fresh candidates, who are not much into the interviews and with no past experience may get impatient to get the job and desperately ask such questions. They must avoid such direct, inappropriate or any personal questions too. Asking personal questions to the employers is also a sign of unprofessional ethics and it may lead to annoyance of employer and hence declined for the job. Always stay in the limits, even if the employer is so friendly or give more space than expected. It can be the test by the employer.

Do not push or stress on certain question/s

At times, candidate might seek more details or information about certain aspect or thing. They can inquire about that by asking to the employer. However, as mentioned earlier it should be logical, relevant and professional. But if the employer is hesitant or avoids to answer that certain question, it is not wise to repeat the question until the candidate it sure that question is not understood. There are certain aspects of the job related facts, which employers intentionally not discuss with the candidates during the interview process, it might be the sensitive information of the organization which they are not allowed to share at the time of interview process. Therefore, do not stress on certain thing again and again. Give some time and things may be cleared sooner or later.

Build rapport

Building good rapport is an art, which is learnt by more socializing and practicing it. After the initial interview, candidate should focus on making acquaintances but do not try to overdo it. Talk formally with the management people asking about the organization culture, how is their experience with the organization etc. it is king of breaking the ice and showing more involvement an interest. Do remember, not to embarrass anyone in the process of talks and discussions. Keep it conditional with the comfort of other person.

Once the candidate is done with the initial interview and have got some idea about next phase and process. It is not all over, as discussed earlier. Candidate should remain alert, proactive and seeking. Candidate should have notes of next phase process such as dates, times and venues. Seeking about Initial interview results announcement or shortlisting details. Below are some ways the candidate can communicate with the employer after initial interview to keep themselves in loop with the job related next steps.

Follow up email

A follow-up email is mainly to build connection, thanking the interviewers for their precious time and giving positive feedback about the time spent at the organization’s place. Secondly asking about the next steps and their tentative time to start. It is good to write a follow up email after few days, if the exact time of response from the employer is not known. Otherwise, follow up email should only be a thanking email to the employer.

Evaluate initial interview

After completing the initial interview, candidate can recall the interview time and look into their responses and interviewer’s questions to assess their standing honestly. After realizing the position of the candidate during interview, they can realistically think about next steps, whether to actively look for the new relevant jobs or further follow up with the existing job interview.

Stay connected

In any case, whether candidate is selected for the final interview or not, it is important to stay connected with the professionals of similar interest. Candidate should make strong impression and feedback towards interviewer and all supporting people there even if candidate is not hired. These connections are always helpful for the future endeavors and it never ends with the lost jobs, there are always new beginnings sooner or later.

Every candidate after initial interview becomes more impatient to know, if they are shortlisted for the next or final interview. It is a kind of pressure situation, where candidates need to be careful and relaxed. If candidates asked right and direct questions as discussed at the start, they can be at peace as they might be well aware of the situation and next phase steps. Therefore, never ignore to ask key questions to the interviewer after the initial interview.

Candidates should focus and follow the professional approach towards employers. By following the above discussed methods and after interview tips, candidates can make strong impression by keeping in touch with the employer and asking them relevant questions to ensure themselves in the competition.

Questions to ask an Interviewers, After the Initial Interview
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