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Tips to Find a Fulfilling Career

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Every individual aspire to have promising career with consistent and progressive growth. However, fulfilling this dream requires a lot of serious efforts, struggles and sacrifices too. Life is full of drama, uncertainty and yet it keeps on providing opportunities and chances to ladder up in the life and career too. It is up to us, if we grab the opportunities and chances on time and while overcoming the difficulties. All the challenges to find a fulfilling career path are easy to face, only if a person is clear about their goals and never allow the doubts and difficulties to overcome their performance.

In order to find a fulfilling career, there are certain basic factors which are important to consider and adopt. Without proper working, setting the realistic goals and planning for future, it is difficult to find a fulfilling career. Below we will discuss these factors that provide higher chances to conceive a fulfilling career in life.

  1. Know yourself

Before one aim at finding fulfilling career path or a career guide, it is important to understand yourself first. Know yourself by identifying your personality, interests, strengths weaknesses and environment where you aim at building your career.

  1. Assess your strengths

Once you know yourself, it is important assess your strengths, such as physical, mental and professional abilities and skills. It will help to further dig deep to understand the career goals. For instance, one is good in IT skills and want to learn more in particular field of IT such as web development. Hence by assessing the current strengths you have, it will determine what options you can opt for your career goals.

  1. Work on your shortcomings

We discussed strengths in the personality, it is equally important to understand what shortcomings are present in the personality. Every person is not perfect, rather there is no perfection, everyone is made up imperfect and we learn from the mistakes, practice and improve to next level. Therefore, realistically you need to understand your shortcomings for instance some people are impatient, some may lack to be punctual and so on. It is up to you to find your shortcomings which can affect the career path.

  1. Set attainable goals

After assessing your strengths and weaknesses and working on overcoming the shortcomings, it is important to set realistic, attainable and relevant goals that justify your strengths, skills, interests, personality and entice you. There is need of strong motivation to attain set goals. Based on realistic assessment of strengths, weaknesses and defined goals, finding best career becomes relevantly achievable.

  1. Be consistent and patient

Never look for the shortcuts to achieve your goals. Be patient, do not panic, never give up, once you set your goals. Develop the habit of consistency and doing things with zeal and interests towards achievement of goals. There will always be hardships and challenges, which at times seems to be impossible to face, but with strong belief and consistent efforts, you can overcome all the challenges that come on your way.

  1. Be disciplined and organized

Discipline is a key to success for anyone, anywhere. In order to find and retain fulfilling career, you need to be highly disciplined, organized and punctual person.  

  • You should follow the deadlines tightly.
  • You should always be organized and ready for all the tasks, works assigned.
  • You should have strong reputation of being punctual and on time in your organization.

Knowing the importance of time, meeting deadlines, never over promising and fulfilling what you promise are the qualities that can surely sustain a fulfilling career for you.

  1. See things with long term perspective

Never look for short term goals. See the things, people and work with long term perspective. Understand the scope of work and its impact in future on organization and your performance. Develop good sustainable relation with the people in your organization.


  1. Get out of your comfort zone

No pain no gain, it is so simple and easy to define your career goals. One of the finest and professional career advice is to get to get out of your comfort zone. Every human being feels resistance within themselves against their goals, success and targets. This resistance force aims at discouraging, demotivating and slowing down the steps taken towards successful achievement of goals. If a person become prey of this resistance force, then it is hard to achieve the successful and fulfilling career goals. You need to fight against such resistance with full power and results will amaze you.

  1. Dare to face your fears

Similar to your comfort zone, there are certain barriers and hurdles which are readily made up in your mind in form of fears from internal or external forces such as environment around you, friend and family related fears, economic and social fears. You should not be overshadowed by these fears, rather you should overcome the fears by facing them with bravery and strong internal strength.

  1. Learn to sacrifice for career goals

There will come times when you may have to make choices between your career related goals and personal life. For instance, you have to attend some important professional event and at the same time your family is about to celebrate some important event too. So your choice at that time will determine your career fate. Hence it is important to learn sacrificing your personal preferences at times, for bigger and long lasting success and success of your career.

  1. Respect and Support others

Respect will bounce back to you, if you respect others. Not only in personal life but also in professional life, it is utmost important characteristic that aids towards sustainable and fulfilling career i-e respect everyone including you colleagues, subordinates, employees, buyers and all stakeholders. Never develop grudge or personal biases towards anyone. It will earn you great respect everywhere.

  1. Find opportunities in low times

In recent times, world witnessed many global recessions and economic slowdowns due to different natural calamities, political and social factors such as COVID-19 has shaken the world so badly and its impact is to remain for years. Many businesses shut down, several suffered heavy losses, thousands of employees lost their jobs and many had cut on their salaries and earnings.

Finding the opportunity in such low times is an important career tip and trick to be learnt. You need to be optimistic, searching and thinking out of the box to find new opportunities to survive in tough times. We have seen many businesses to grow fast during COVID-19 due to their smart and positive approach. Many traditional stores started online selling considering the lock down and social distancing, they did not merely shutdown their businesses. In this way they grew their online market much quickly and efficiently, that they have much higher sales than the normal times due to their online presence.

There is always room for creativity and grabbing the opportunities in low times, with positive frame of mind and consistent efforts inn right direction. Therefore, keep striving in low times, before you blame circumstances.

  1. Never be shy to ask for support

Nobody is perfect, everyone has some shortcomings, low times and difficult times, where they need some support or guidance. Never be shy to ask for support whenever you feel like that. Ask for support from your colleagues, friends and family or any relevant person who can effectively help you in certain situation. For example, if you are sick and cannot perform certain task, do not hesitate to ask for the support of your colleagues so the work is not harmed and you get well in during the course of sickness.

  1. Learn to value criticism

Another important characteristic for the successful career is to absorb the criticism positively. It is an art that can win not only fulfilling career but also hearts. Always learn to get something positive and constructive from criticism made on you by your colleagues, boss or anyone related to your job. It will prove your maturity, sensibility, responsibility and commitment towards your work and career goals.

It does not mean to allow anyone to disgrace you. That is absolutely not criticism. In order to maintain self-confidence, self-esteem and moral it is important to not allow anyone to get personal or disgraceful to you. However, you should still try your best to manage such situations with patience, negotiation and dialogue. It will serve the purpose best.

  1. Be a good listener

A successful career is always built by a good listener. It means you value feedback, response and communication from others and pay much attention understand the message sent by them. A good listener is always good at interpreting the meaning of message others want to communicate. Therefore, you should develop a habit of good listener than a good speaker for fulfilling career. However, being good speaker is also a good quality, we are not ignoring it at the same time.

  1. Learn new everyday

Knowledge is great power. World is progressing so fast that old knowledge and skills needs to be updated with new knowledge, skills and learnings. Therefore, in order to remain relevant in the market and to retain fulfilling career, it is important to update yourself with latest skills, technologies, knowledge and learning opportunities. Nobody can assure career growth without further adding value to existing skills and knowledge. Therefore, all leading organizations provide opportunities for its employees for their personal and organizational growth by offering the trainings, educational opportunities, skill development courses and programs, which not only help the individuals to progress but provide growth for organizations too.

  1. Be always a team player

A best career tip for the students is to become good team player. It is the habit which should be developed as early as possible. If a student learns and develops habit of working in teams and supportive with team members in their educational life, it will aid and leverage them successful career due to this habit. However, it is never too late, you can develop this habit by preparing your mind at any age and time by embracing others and opening your arms for others to welcome in your office or at work to become successful team player.

  1. Appreciate and celebrate others achievements

A successful professional always appreciate and encourage others even for their small success stories. It boosts their confidence and earn more respect for them. Justified appreciation and open hearted celebration of others achievements, makes you morally strong and powerful towards your own career goals. It also paves supportive environment in form of caring people around you.

  1. Be yourself

During the whole practice of adopting and developing habits for fulfilling career, it is to remember that never ignore yourself. Be yourself, feel proud and confident about yourself. Appreciate yourself for small tasks, good works and efforts made on daily basis. Having faith on your own abilities and appreciating yourself regularly is important to maintain your successful working routine.

It is important to give time to yourself, invest some time and resources in your mental and physical health, regularly. Develop habits of exercises, gym or yoga, meditation. Often, spend quality time with your family and friends. Socialize and meet new people, travel and visit some natural sites in your spare time. Research has proved that all these activities boost and refresh the mind for upcoming work related challenges.

For fulfilling career, the recommended tips and tricks started with ‘know yourself’ and closing tip is ‘be yourself’. Therefore, it is all about you. You need to manage and control yourself with above mentioned qualities and characteristics. But during the process never forget your own self.

A major question of freshly graduated students is, How to build successful career? It is quite clear from above mentioned tips that finding a fulfilling is all about managing and controlling your own self which is not only highly favorable for professional life but it immensely will improve personal life too. Majority of points are related to ethics, values and moralities which needs to be applied in the life. All the recommended tips are simple, easy and implementable without any training session, coaching or classes for all. Anyone who aspires to have fulfilling career, irrespective of their field or nature of work these tips can surely help them achieve their sustainable career goals.

Tips to Find a Fulfilling Career
Yves Lafleur Jr

Yves Lafleur Jr is an administrator at Unified Career.