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How to Find a Job in a New Field with No Experience

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Finding a job is an uphill task for many in today’s competitive environment. At the same time job market has grown drastically with variety of jobs posted every day in different fields and walks of life. Information technology has boosted the job market with variety of options. However, all the IT jobs demand some relevant technical and soft skills necessary to fulfill the job requirements. Therefore, importance of learning new skills is important for students and job seekers to grab dream job.

Things seems more challenging for fresh job seekers or with no prior experience in certain field. As all the businesses prefer to hire the skilled, ready to work with command and efficient human resource. So that they do not have to invest time and resources in training the new employee. At the same time, many candidates want to know that how to get job under 18 years of age. Job seekers with no experience struggle to hook up job for themselves. Other than fresh job seekers, there are certain candidates who want to change their profession or field for better prospects or pertaining to their situation. Such candidates who seek job outside of their field also fall in the same situation just like the fresh job seekers, but they have little advantage for being already in the market with some working experience. There are different factors that lead them to find job in new field under such situation. Although, for exiting professionals it is not ideal for them to switch to entirely new field, as it may take them to zero. As new industry job with no experience would be considered as fresh candidate, despite of past experience in other industry or sector. But in case, a candidate is already struggling in the previous field of work, it is good idea to try their luck in any other suitable field that entice them and they think they can better excel in the new field.

Considering following factors and improving them can land majority of such cases with jobs.

Inexperience means not incapable

Everyone in lifetime starts career with no experience. There is always a scratch to begin a job nobody is born with experience it comes with the time as one begins to work somewhere. It may begin as internship, probation or even full time job based on the industry field and required skills. In any case, new employees with no experience or employees starting working outside of their field starts learning and getting experience from day of their new job. Therefore, having no experience is not shame or bad thing. One should not focus on this small factor and ignore whole other set of qualities that can lead to a most successful candidate for the same job.

Only those jobs which needs immediate joining and work to begin with complex or technical work, may not consider the fresh candidates. But most of the organizations would love to acquire talented and promising talents with no experience to provide them some basic trainings and make the resourceful asset of their business. It is all about how a candidate negotiates, communicate and convince the employer for having no experience with presenting rest of their skills, qualifications, qualities and abilities.

Make connections

Apart from job hunting in new field with no experience, networking and socializing is important in today’s world. One must have connections, acquaintances and friends in different industries and fields. By having connections in an industry or organization, where you aim at working with no prior experience can boost your chances to win that job. Connections and referrals make strong impact to build trust in the mind of employer. They may consider you seriously based on such affiliation developed through your connections.

Some people consider referrals, connections are not ethical to win a job. It is applicable only when a person is completely irrelevant to certain job or work and being given the opportunity as compared with right candidate. But connections can provide some promising employees too who have no experience but still they perform well after being employed. Hence making connections and using them for career growth is absolutely ethical, justified and important for all professionals.

Polish your soft skills

Soft skills include attitude, communication, personality, character, behavior, socialization, values and manners that a candidate carry on a workplace. According to Tony Robbins, famous writer, life coach and businessman once said that it is 80% psychology and 20% skills that works. So this is a big message from him that if a candidate is experienced and have technical skills it is good enough but if you cannot effectively communicate with others, understand others and present yourself professionally, candidate is lacking big time. According to above statement, the hard skills and experience becomes secondary as compared to strong interpersonal and communication skills. Soft spoken, pleasant personality, attentive and alert mind and good use of language are key towards winning a job with no past experience.

Attend training or certification course

For many new field jobs, the chances of being hired becomes highest, if fresher attains latest certification or some training course before applying for the new industry/ field job. Hence it is recommended to have short course, training program or certification to be done prior to applying in new sector. Such programs are usually of small duration ranging from weeks to fewer months, but they can provide great opportunity to grab maximum about the industry and specific job role. Meeting the related people and environment surely develop strong understanding and pave the path towards successful career development in the new sector.

Prepare CV and cover letter

As a candidate begins the job hunt the first step to apply for the new job is to prepare an effective, simple but detailed resume with all the qualifications, experiences, achievements and interests in consideration with the new sector. There are several templates available online specific to different industries. But main things are personal details, objective statement, education, work experience, achievements, interests and activities and skills.

Similarly, the cover letter should also be professionally written, in consideration of job requirements and candidates’ aptitude towards it. Cover letter should clearly explain the profile of the candidate, education and qualifications with strong interest in the company and job posted, to pursue the career in the company and should not boast or make big promises. Candidate should not rewrite their resume in the cover letter. Candidate should try to explain their abilities, skills and competency that justify them to be hired for the job post. Again candidates should always be realistic and not overpromising that may look odd to the recruiter.


Get to the Interview

Most of the time people with no experience are not shortlisted. But if the right connections are used and personal efforts are made, one can go to next level of being interviewed. Therefore, before applying for the non-field job try to do study of the organization, its people. Try to approach some relevant people through your network. Make calls or meet up with them. Show them your interest to join their firm for the advertised job. Ask them to consider them for interview. Such efforts really help to be shortlisted for interview.

Preparation for Interview

Once a person gets to the interview stage for a job in new field, it is half work done. Now it is their interpersonal and communication skills along with the preparation for the interview such understanding the whole job description, knowing the company profile, its people, culture and policies. The more knowledge and preparedness about job and company, more chances of passing the interview.

Talk to the Pros

Similarly preparing for the critical questions during interview, such as

How would you justify yourself with no prior experience for this role?

To answer such question, it is important for the candidate to readily study the technical and professional knowledge through mentors, people with expertise in this field and also by doing own research and study online. Talking to the expert of the field and asking them in and outs of the job requirement will provide a complete snapshot of whole work required for the position. Therefore, it is important to meet an expert and if candidate is lucky enough to find a best mentor who explains everything, things will become much easier and candidate will be able to answer comprehensively.

Without knowing the basics of new job requirements, one cannot make good impression and justify above question. A sound understanding and idea of how and what is to be done for this position is important.

Be Flexible

One of the pro tip for finding job with no experience is to be flexible and good negotiator. Candidates with no experience should be proactive, offering their services at start as an intern or apprenticeship. Volunteer yourself to do the job to prove yourself. You should do it only if you are motivated enough to work with that organization or business. By doing so, employer will get attention as candidate seems much interested to build career with the organization without any greed. Hence, employer will definitely consider to give a chance to such candidates who show their commitment and eagerness towards the job.

Relate your past works

Despite of the fact that a candidate has no prior experience in certain field, yet applying for the job in that field. They can still relate some of their activities or duties from the past that can suggest their candidacy for the new job. It is a strong convincing and motivating point to be made during interview. It also suggests as strong motivation and interest towards the job attainment.  

Similarly, candidate should put up their qualifications with confidence that shows their past achievements and ability to accomplish goals. Highlight all the major hard and soft skills that can be suggested as supporting for the new job. For instance, good team player, strong analytical skills, critical thinking, solving the problems, excellent written and oral communication, effective customer services, punctuality, top performer awards in the past work, knowledge of computer and important office related computer applications and programs and so on. All these type of skills are relevant and make strong impression despite of missing the core skill past experience.

Most common jobs with no prior experience

There are certain jobs or field which requires only specific qualifications and expertise, no fresher can join with proper training and proper qualifications such as medical, engineering and such other technical fields.

However, there are vast number of fields and jobs that can be attained without the condition of past experience in that capacity. For instance, customer service executives, sales executives, medical representatives, admin jobs, entry level security and police officer jobs, real estate and automotive sales jobs. All these professions may not necessarily require any prior experience in similar capacity. Therefore, all such professions and related fields are ideal for adoption as new field with no experience.

Starting a job in new field always demand a though homework and assessment of individual capabilities, interests and possibilities in future to develop fulfilling career. Once a clear decision is made to join new field, it is now time to work on tips and skills as discussed above. It can be a more than normal job hunting, tiring, demotivating due to several rejections, but one can surely succeed sooner or later with strong commitment, belief and discipline. It is also important to understand that new field will demand a bit more time than experienced profile to get growth and promotions, therefore one must not get disheartened if not getting ladder up in early stages of the new field job. Once newly hired, acquires complete skills and expertise after spending some good time on job, then the position of candidate would be in much strong position to negotiate for growth and better chances. But it all takes lot of consistency, patience and clarity of mind towards achievement of career goals.

How to Find a Job in a New Field with No Experience
Yves Lafleur Jr

Yves Lafleur Jr is an administrator at Unified Career.