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Master the Art of Job Search on Unified Career Jobsite

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Internet is filled with plenty of online recruitment and online job portals. There are many of these websites are providing excellent opportunities for job seekers to get hired by the employers by simply applying online on advertised jobs. At the same time, many online job seekers struggle to get jobs while applying on job web portals. Apart from global recessions, local economic situations, unemployment issues, there are many job seekers who got the skills, expertise and qualifications are not able to find jobs. Whereas, there many suitable vacant jobs advertised online, matching to their profiles. But still they are not able to get recruited. In such cases major issue arises when the applicants are not able to communicate or present themselves to the employer adequately while they submit their applications online.

Not every individual is perfect in using the online job portals and their criteria properly. Therefore, despite of their good job related profile their applications are not in top of the applicants’ list. Since all the job portals and career guidance and recruitment websites have automated online database and information management systems, where applicants need to fulfil all the necessary requirements to make their profile eligible to be promoted or exposed to the employers. Second factor is the applicants own communication such as cover letter and resume presentation that makes the difference.

Only in USA there are more than 2 million jobs are posted every year, and still there are lot of jobs which are not posted or being compromised with available human resource by the companies or employers which significantly impact on the performance of the company. Therefore, the importance of online recruitment and job search engines is immense for all the employers not only in USA but worldwide. It is need of the hour to make the online job search portals convenient, realistic and relevant for each local market. Many websites operating in the recruitment and job search are focusing on advertisement budget and not on providing the best services to the registered pool of candidates. As discussed above a lot of talent is unable to fetch the benefits of online job search due to such issues.

If an online job hunting and online recruitment related website focuses and aims at providing best experience for its subscribers surely they will have much better rating and reach, which will ultimately provide them boost and benefits with sustainable business growth. On the other hand, job seekers also need to research, study and understand the basics of online job search and most effective websites to perform their search activity.

Leading Job Search Engine and Job Boards in 2021

Today, Internet based job recruitment and consultancy firms are countless. There are many recruitment consultants who are dedicated for specific firms and organizations to regularly recruit staff for their vacant posts. In this way they are outsourced constancy firms. Similarly, many organizations and employers seek the help of online job search and recruitment websites to find the candidates for their current and future projects. But majority of the employers and organizations now days seek new talent through the job posting websites, where large number of active job seekers are present.

If we look at the most actively used job search websites in 2021, we can find following list of best jobs sites with respect to their reach and engagement of customers. Indeed jobs is leading job hunting and recruitment website. It provides large pool of jobs and job hunters in various parts of the world including USA. LinkedIn is another most famous and leading professional networking website with is also a great resource for the job seekers worldwide. Being professional networking website it provides great support for jobs advertisement and job hunting for the professional connected on this website. Similarly, glassdoor, google for jobs near me, Monster, Ziprecruter, careeerbuilder and simplyhired are some of the top recruitment and job hunting websites with good number of active users across the globe.

About Unifiedcareer.com

Unifiedcareer.com is becoming a premium online job search and recruitment platform. It provides lot of opportunities for job seekers as well as for the employers to achieve their employment goals. Unifiedcareer.com also aims at providing right candidates for small businesses too by working on their requirements and meeting their expectations with respect to recruitment. Website also provides tools and support to job seekers by tracking right jobs for them according to their given profile and skillset. Whole interface of communication is simple and user friendly so that both employers and job hunters feel at home while using the services of unifiedcareer.com.

Unifiedcareer.com believe in strong working ethics with emphasis on honesty, integrity and fairness. Similarly, providing quality services, caring for the people in their community is at heart of the management. Unifiedcareers.com believes in inclusiveness, teamwork, equality, collaboration, openness and merit. Unifiedcareer.com has slogan “We actually change people’s lives!” which represents the passion to provide utmost best services to their users and subscribers.

With the help of passionate team, clear vision and objectives, unifiedcareer.com aims at becoming most effective, leading and one of the best website for job seekers and employers, globally.

Salient Features

The success of any website is mainly based on their idea, content and presentation of their services. If a website has effectively developed its content and its user interface is easy to use and understand, its services are presented nicely, there is no doubt they will be able to succeed in long run. Unfiedcareer.com has worked on all of these key factors to build an amazing online job search and employment portal for the job finders and job advertisers.

Unfiedcareer.com has simple yet very powerful user interface for both job seekers and employers. It caters the needs of both parties to match for best employment opportunities. As mentioned above most websites have developed tough and strict criteria to register on their job portals, which usually results in the waste of time and practice for the users as they are not able to complete the complex requirements of the such recruitment and job search websites. Unifiedcareer.com has focused on such issues by making the simple and basic criteria to ensure job seekers may get maximum out of their efforts online. Below there are complete interface and features details discussed about unifiedcareer.com.  In the website there are three major categories mentioned one is Candidates and other is Employers and Find job.




Candidate section is well equipped and dedicated area for the job seekers. In this section job seekers can perform various important activities and steps to secure a dream job for themselves quickly.  

Another interesting feature offered by unifiedcareer.com is the Job match; this feature provides automated list of jobs related to the job seekers profile updated on the web portal. In this way once the user is logged in to their account on the website, they will be provided list of matching jobs alongside their profile.

Once user build their profile with basic and necessary information asked on the website, they are all set to search and find their dream job on this website. Unifiedcareer.com provides an Easy Apply option for its registered members where with simple clicks they can directly apply to any job they are interested. They only need to have readily updated profile on the website. In this way the application process becomes hassle free and quick for the candidates.

Unifiedcareer.com cares about job seekers and its registered members, event they are not online on the website, they will receive latest job alerts through email or even they can get message on their cell phone as soon as new jobs are posted related to the candidate’s profiles. Hence, they make the job hunting process on finger tips and more personalized for them.

Find Jobs

There is a Job Search feature which provides search engine for the desire job using relevant key words from the website’s job bank. Such as marketing related jobs can be found by simply typing marketing manager or marketing executive or simply marketing. A list of up to date and latest marketing related jobs will be displayed. Similarly, job finders can filter their location while searching the relevant jobs to focus on their desired local or abroad jobs.

If a candidate wants to further dig deep in the job board, they can use “Search by Specialty” or Advanced Job Search” options too available along with location tab. It makes much control in the hands of candidate with their own peace and interest to fetch suitable jobs for them,


In Employers section there are also great options available for the job advertisers of the businesses who are seeking employees. After signing up with unifiedcareer.com, first of all they have the freedom to post job advertisement any time they want. Unifiedcareer.com team can also assist in job posting to save time for the employers.

Resume Matching

Employers also enjoy the liberty of manually matching their job advertisements with the pool of candidates by searching the different profiles related to the job posts they are looking for. So this is a powerful search engine support for the employers to find the candidates who are actively looking for the jobs on the website. This services saves time and efforts where job seekers are contacted through search engine by the employers, instead of job seekers applying to the job. Hence job seekers get double chance of being hired by registering their profile and uploading their resume on the website. Unifiedcareer.com also provides recruitment services to the employers who seek their support to hire candidates with certain requirements. Unifiedcareer.com go beyond the normal exercise to find the right candidates for relevant jobs posted.

Message Center

Unifiedcareer.com considers communication is key for successful employment. Hence they also provide messenger center, whereby employers can directly send message to the candidates of their interest for certain job placement. It is an exciting feature that provides employers to find the relevant profiles or resumes to find the best fit for their organization or company to save time and add potential resource to their team.

Custom Dashboard

Every employer who sign-up with unifiedcareer.com is assigned a dashboard which elaborates the different activities, analytics and ROI details to assess the overall performance of the employer as a recruiter on the website. It also helps to improve the job search experience by choosing the right content, segment, region and much more to customize based on past experience and analysis provided by the unifiedcareers.com. hence it is self-learning dashboard which helps the employers in long run to successfully recruit the ideal candidates for themselves.

Email Templates

In order to make the communication with job seekers effective and result oriented, unifiedcareer.com provides email templates for various situations to easily communicate the message to the candidates. Employers can choose the email templates, customize them and use them for successful communication with the candidates. Content and communication is integral in smooth achievement of employment goals. Therefore, unifiedcareer.com wants to assist and support its user at every step with most professional, simple and easy to use tools and features.

Social Media Presence

Unfiedcareer.com understands the importance of social media and it is actively working on its social media handles to grow the awareness campaigns and promotion of the website. Unifiedcareer.com are present on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

After assessing the different aspects and features of the unifiedcareer.com, it is evident that website is run by the most professional, experienced, dedicated and qualified team. Website promises exciting opportunities for businesses to hire people through their resourceful pool of candidates and at the same time candidates are at advantage to enjoying their job hunting experience with dignity, peace of mind and ease. Employers can also enjoy great experience with productive results for their employment goals.

Unifiedcareer.com believes in consistent research and development and they are always keen to improve and update their services to surpass the competition and provide the best user experience.

Master the Art of Job Search on Unified Career Jobsite
Yves Lafleur Jr

Yves Lafleur Jr is an administrator at Unified Career.