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How to tap Online Career Opportunities The Best Way to Find Jobs Online

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In today’s competitive and technological world, finding best jobs and career opportunities has become much convenient, rapid and successful through online platforms. If we take a look at the past situation when information technology and online media was not flourished, finding job was way to slow and hectic process. In past vacant job opportunities were announced in the newspapers or magazines and it could take months to fill the vacancies. Similarly, job hunters had to wait many days before they were hired or not. Since there was no online communication such as email, messengers and websites to submit job applications, therefore, mostly job applications were posted through couriers, leading to telephonic interviews and then walk in interviews. The whole process could take more than 3-4 weeks or even longer. Similarly, this process was limited to fewer applicants due to low reach.

In the last two decades, things started to change drastically with respect to job hunting, career opportunities. Information technology revolution brought all organizations and businesses online. Jobs and career opportunities are now posted online on various platforms ranging from company’s official website, recruitment websites, social and professional media websites. Job hunters and career seekers visits such websites, instantly find their relevant job opportunities according to their profile, interest and education. In next step they send their applications and resume directly on the posted jobs or send by email on given email address. Prospecting applicants are responded and invited for interviews for the final selection. In this way, the process may complete with in few days, provided that company is in urgent need or finds the right candidates from the pool of applicants.

Best Job Search Websites

Today, there are plenty of online job hunting opportunities available for prospect candidates worldwide in form of well-established career counseling, recruitment and job search portals online. Thousands of jobs are posted daily on these websites and plenty of people are searching and applying online to find their dream jobs. Below are some of the best online jobs search and recruitment related websites which are globally recognized and accessed by millions to fetch jobs online.


LinkedIn is one of the old and leading professional networking website, launched in 2003. In this website professionals make their profiles and engage with their related industrial and professional connections. This website also provides a vibrant and realistic job advertisement and job hunting platform for the professionals. Organizations, entrepreneurs and businesses post their job requirements on their professional accounts and pages. Job seekers and career seekers search and apply to those jobs related to their skills and profile. Today, LinkedIn has more than 740 million users and more than 55 million companies has registered in this website. Hence, it is a purely professional platform providing professionals interviews, experiences, live sessions, chats, promotions and also it makes best match for job seekers and employees seekers. It is easy for both job seekers and companies to communicate, access and connect with each other for best match on this website. LinkedIn caters wide range of demographic regions with 24 languages, 33 offices globally and more than 16000 employees, making it giant job search website.


Indeed is also an old recruitment and job search website operating since 2004 worldwide. The company has headquarters in Austin, Connecticut, and Stamford USA. Company employs more than 10,000 staff. According to the company there are more than 25 million unique visitors every month on their website including employers and job seekers. There are more than 17 million resumes are uploaded and every second there are 10 jobs posted on this website, globally. In this way, this is a lucrative website to find job and build career.


Another leading job search and recruitment website, Glassdoor is operating online since June 2007. Website provides wide range of jobs, companies, interviews and salaries breakdown and analyzer for the job seekers. It is a great platform for job seekers not only to find jobs but also understand the job market dynamics and to learn tips and tricks to secure jobs online successfully.


Monster is an old campaigner in online recruitment and job posting websites, established in 1999. This website is also a valuable website that provides various sections and categories for different users ranging from employers, employees, interviewers, part time jobs, different industrial jobs, location filter and such other options to find the right fir for each user. This website is also helpful for finding best jobs online.


Unifiedcareer is a promising online job search and recruitment website portal. It provides exciting platform for the employers and employees with various options too. Website also provides job alert services to make every relevant new job posting alert to the registered users. Unifiedcareer focuses on providing every job seeker a track to land their dream job by providing advance services and job finding options. This website is growing quickly due its focus on promoting realistic employers and serious job hunters who fulfil the basic and simple requirements of providing necessary information to ensure right candidate for relevant jobs posted on the website. Unifiedcareer.com can also be a best place to find job for job seekers.

Free Classified Websites

Along with dedicated and typical job and career opportunities portal, there are several free classified websites which have a complete section for jobs. Although most of the jobs announced or posted in classified websites, are local and short term or low profile jobs. However, still they cater large pool of job seekers and thousands of employers and employees patch up on these free advertising websites. Therefore, these websites are not a bad option to try and find relevant jobs.

Official Business Websites

Every major business has their official websites, many experts suggest to visit the official websites of your preferred or shortlisted brands, where job hunters aspire to work. In those brands websites in careers section, fresh job openings are advertised. Job finders can directly apply on their website by sending their credentials and resume on given link/ email of the company. Experts believe that in case of right match, one can expect rapid response from the company officials, because this is direct communication gateway. However, not all the major firms post job advertisements on their own websites, rather they rely on recruitment agencies and consultants to find human resource for their firms and minimize their recruitment costs and time.

Best Ways to Find Job Online

How to find a job online? Online job portals have made the process so simple and easy as compared to traditional job hunting process. However, it is important to understand the online job finding process and its necessary steps to successfully get recruited online. Below are few basic and important factors to be considered while applying online for jobs

Know your strengths and Interests

For any new job hunter first and foremost important thing is to understand strengths, interests and skills which will surely win a dream job for the job seeker. Without knowing their strengths, skills and level of interest for certain field, candidates cannot confidently present themselves during job application process. Therefore, it is important to have clear goals, idea and understanding of what jobs and opportunities to be tapped during career development and job seeking. Similarly, an existing professional who wants to switch job for some better prospects they should also be very confident and clear about their decision. They should make proper feasibility, understand pros and cons before they quit existing job and switch to another firm or place opportunity. In short proper homework is to be done before activating the online job search, it will make the half job search done, once idea is clear.

Be realistic in your job hunting

As mentioned above, one must have clear understanding of their strengths and skills before searching a dream job online. At the same time, it is also very important to neither under estimate yourself nor expect lot more than what your actual skills and qualifications determine. Making realistic approach in the job search will definitely land you to a proper and suitable job opportunity online. Being realistic, candidates will be able to avoid over expectations and desperations developed by making higher expectations with undesired results.

Research on best brands and career websites

There are lot of recruitment and job search engines available online. It is important to filter and target the most suitable job search websites based on local ground realities and local websites suitable for online job search. As discussed above there many internationally recognized job search websites, which can be used to apply online, where thousands of jobs are posted every day and by tapping relevant jobs related to candidates’ skills and qualifications, there are bright chances to get response from the employers and hook up a job.

Focus on your target brands/ companies

Once idea is clear about what jobs to be applied based on skills and qualifications, it is always good idea to target the renowned, big brands. It is not just for the sake of good perks and salary but it provides a sustainable channel to grow your career in future. It does not mean that you completely ignore the small companies or groups. In today’s competitive job market we cannot ignore any opportunity, therefore, every good job opportunity should be applied with confidence, however, if you are lucky enough to have offers from both big brand and small company, then it is recommended to go with big brand. Again this is hard to justify this theory for every individual case, as things can be entirely opposite and one may find small company’s offer more enticing than the big brand. So decision is to be made wisely based on the given circumstances and situations. In general, big brands provide sloid track for new employees, as research also suggests.

Make effective resume and cover letter

After finding the best match for applying online jobs, most important factor to secure job is to have simple, elegant and up to date CV and write professional cover letter, discussing all the important points relating to the job and candidate’s strengths. In this way, chances to impress the employers and getting to the next level i-e interview call will be higher. Hence, research and study some effective resume templates and effective resume samples. Also study some resume building tips and ideas available on above mentioned recruitment websites. Always develop good content for the cover letter while applying for every new job. Cover letter should be relating the information concerning the job requirements by the employer and applicants’ abilities, skills and confidence to fulfil them.

Follow up Application

After applying for the job online on websites, it is always good idea to follow up for the job application after few days or after the time company stated to respond. It can be done by calling the company official contact numbers or writing a follow up email with proper reference of applied job. It will create positive impact about candidate’s interest in the job placement. Candidates should not over do the follow up by making so many calls or emails to inquire about the status of application as it will make negative and unprofessional impact about candidate.

Prepare for Job interview

After shortlisting candidates, company will call the candidates for job interview or series of interviews. There is very simple job interview tips for the applicants. It is important for the candidates to become more attentive and well informed about the company, its profile and making their preparation for the interview based on the job requirements and company’s financial, operational and human resource related details. More the knowledge an applicant fetches about the company, higher chances to be selected after the job interview. It also gives confidence to job seekers as they are prepared by learning more about the company.

Online career opportunities are monstrous resources to find best jobs with comfort and ease. Using internet and a computer, one can hunt job in no time. It all depends upon job seekers how they utilize these resources in consideration with their skills, expertise and local job market trends and requirements. By taking consideration of above mentioned points, aspiring job hunters can make strong impact on online job advertisers and employers. 

How to tap Online Career Opportunities The Best Way to Find Jobs Online
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